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Mission Statement
Our Mission

Archaim Foundation is a research, education and treatment center for wellness and spiritual development.

It is the international project with local community services, that has its branches in New York (NY), Jersey City (NJ) and Los Angeles (CA).

In our search we aspire to constitute unique blend of modern alternative health practices in mind-body healing, nutrition and spiritual wholeness integrated with the ancient healing techniques. To achieve that goal our organization provides educational programs, information seminars and hands-on treatments for the needs of modern society, such as: body awareness, stress reduction, addictive behaviors, psycho-somatic symptomatology.

Archaim's major goal is the revival of the lost cultural inheritance in the area of healing and self-regulation as well as the research of the effects of the alternative interventions through documentation and analysis.
We promote mindfulness as a nurtured state of being for unlocking the inner resources for the individual self-realization, creativity and curiosity to take humans to the new horizons of making the world a better place.

Our mission is to research and provide the most advanced programs for development of the inner human potential designed to reduce the everyday stress, rebuild wellness and body awareness as well as to facilitate the continues spiritual growth in order to benefit the society.

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